The Whip

Ποιός: Hailing from Manchester, UK, The Whip are a 4 piece electro-rock band in the vein of Soulwax, Digitalism, New Young Pony Club or Friendly Fires.
Genre: Fusion electro-indie-post-punk-rock with a touch of new-rave! Honestly, mostly electro-rock but a couple of dance tracks and a couple of slower rock tracks that sound a lot like other 'The' bands.
Trivia: Previously signed to Kitsune in France, the same label as Klaxons, Foals, Bloc Party and The Teenagers.
Άκου αυτό: Their 2008 album x Marks Destination is a bit of treat of electro and electro-rock. Check out what should become a house party classic ('I wanna be Trash!!') Trash, or Save My Soul for a solid electro-rock track. Other notable tracks are the upbeat Muzzle #1 and the downtempo rock on Dubsex. Overall an impressively varied first album and well worth a listen.

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