Deastro - Keepers (Ghostly Records, 2008)
Ποιός: Deastro is Randolph Chabot, a 22-year old producer from Detroit, Michigan... US of A. Mostly laptop and remixes plus a 3-piece rock band.
Genre: Electro-pop - a cross between emo and sci-fi. The album, Keepers, is a 'best of' from Randolph's prolific song-writing career starting in his 'teens. It's a collection of styles includes shoegazing-electro, upbeat, electro-dance and acoustic-rock. The recording is unashamedly raw, mixing digital instrumentals and beats with garage-rock.
Trivia: Deastro started recording at the age of 12 and has self-released around 30 tracks before Keepers and Parallelogram (EP). The bizarre sci-fi art on the front of Keepers is by artist Jesse Balmer.

Άκου αυτό: For those many times you wish you could rave and watch 'Lord of the Rings' the pumping raw electro of Light-powered is for you. While not showcasing any vocals and probably the heaviest track on the album, I love it!

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