Van She

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Van She are a four-piece electro-rock and post-punk bands out of Sydney, Australia, and one of the recent wave of high quality Oz electro and rock from the last year or so.
Genre: "εϊτίλα"..! 80's-style electro, lots of synth, 80s electro sounds and high-snares, but well fused with rock and more modern influences. Upbeat and a little nostalgic for children of the 80s, it's an enjoyable album and shows a good fusion of styles while still sounding a little different.
Trivia: The band was formed after Nick Routledge, Matt Van Schie, Michael Di Francesco and Tomek Archer all turned up to an audition for a doom metal band and found it wasn't actually happening... so they formed Van She instead. They have recorded almost 30 covers including Presets, Klaxons, New Young Pony Club and
The Whip released on the album Van She Tech.
Άκου αυτό: Check out the November 2008 album V, including the EP single Kelly. The best tracks to look at for now are
Changes and Strangers, both singles released late in 2008. Strangers is particularly catchy and addictive, with a nice quirky beat played out, while Changes demonstates the vocal skills of Nick Routledge, sounding uncanily like Johnny Borrell from Razorlight... still, don't let that put you off. (Evi likes them, I had to write that)

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