The Black Ghosts

Ποιός: The Black Ghosts (myspace) are a UK electro-rock duo including Theo Keating from The Wiseguys and Simon Lord from Simian (the band who wrote the original We are your friends remixed by Justice - the original track was called Never be alone on the 2002 album We are your friends).

Genre: Electronica with rock and beats. Sounding a lot like Hot Chip at times, The Black Ghosts have some really catchy, dancy tracks like Any way you choose to give it as well as some surprisingly indie beats like Full moon.

Trivia: The Black Ghosts formed on the internet, exchanging tunes and material and creating their first few tracks before they actually met face to face. Internet-music dating or something like that.

Άκου αυτό: For a bit of melodic electro-rock. Great wake up music and early party music, or for that end-of-work 8pm personal rave in the living room. Plus the video below is cool.

Any way you choose to give it

Hit play!

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