Erik Mongrain

Ποιός: Erik Mongrain is a 28 year old Canadian finger-style acoustic guitarist.
Genre: Finger-style guitar - the most beautiful and impressive use of the acoustic or classical guitar - strumming and picking layers of chorus, harmonics and tapping out percussion all through a single guitar. If you like this then check out the legendary Michael Hedges, Eric Roche, Tommy Emmanuel or Thomas Leeb (my personal introduction to this whole style of music). Guitar-lovers worldwide worship these guys.
Trivia: Self-taught after being given a classical guitar as a present at 14. Like a previous guitar -tapping legend , Erik made a pilgramaged to Granada, Spain at the age of 21 where he was spotted by a local journalist who wrote:
"As another great guitar tapping player, Stanley Jordan, Mongrain started out in the streets of Granada, he will continue on in the Barcelona subway and will probably end up recording on world class major labels"- Jesus Arias, Granada, May 18, 2001

Άκου αυτό:
If you feel introspective this is real musical cognac, to be savoured and appreciated. The latest album is called Equilibrium and I think the star track is Muse.

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