Ποιός: N.A.S.A. (North America South America) are an "international DJ collective", basically two guys who have worked with loads of amazing musicians to put together some fantastic tracks
Genre: hipperty-hop, DJ and mashup. Lots of samples and so many brilliant musicians.
Trivia: N.A.S.A doesn't google well at all! However, N.A.S.A have worked with, amongst others, Santogold, Pharcyde, Karen O (The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs), Wu-Tang, Jurassic 5 and David Byrne (Talking Heads).
'Ακου Αυτό: Dancing, fun, going-out music - a bit R&B, a bit dance-DJ. The album "Spirit of Apollo" is out on the 17th February and the launch is currently touring worldwide starting last night in Cargo, London, which was pretty cool with freaky, raving monsters and gold-painted dancers. They are not lined up to play in Athens, but check the myspace page if you want to find them near you. And for what you missed out on, here are some tracks.

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