Hatcham Social

Ποιός: Hatcham Social are a 3-piece indie band from New Cross, Saaaaf London (where Marie lives!!! don't you Marie?)
Genre: Upbeat indie-rock, jangly guitars and high-pitched vocal; put them somewhere between a modern remake of The Smiths and in line with bands like The Klaxons.
Trivia: The band are named after Hatcham Liberal Club in Peckham, London. They also performed a 'cover' of Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky at a gig last year, incidently my favourite single piece of English literature. Playing at the Scala with The Walkmen on the 20th February in London (for all our UK readers) - see you there and watch out for the review.
Άκου Αυτό: Really nice, upbeat tracks, wake up music and a little bit of dancing round the house - although these are all very raw recording, music that is happening now! Άκου το τραγούδι Til the dawn γιατί έχει cool κιθάρα, και το So so happy making - the music video looks like Terry Gilliam fighting Take On Me by Aha, flipping effortlessly between cheesy and a bit random scribbles (that's giving Terry very little credit, my apologies). Berlin is also an awesome track with a funky bassline.


  1. "Άκου το τραγούδι Til the dawn γιατί έχει cool κιθάρα" - you must love Tom's effort with Greek :P

  2. if i get another... 2 comments... on my amazing greek then the next one will be all in greek, written only by me, no help! :P
    how's that for a challenge...??!!
    nai, eimai fantastico