Album releases: March 2010

What to watch out for (or avoid!) in March... which is awesome by the way... loadsagoodstuff!!

Joanna Newsom
Have One on Me

Release: 1 March 2010 - Drag City
"[the album] asks for commitment on the part of the listener, but that concentration is rewarded with a surprisingly wide range of material" - Telegraph

These New Puritans

Release: 2 March 2010 - Angular
"Dark and menacing electro and a great second album" - Άκου αυτό

Groove Armada
Black Light

Release: 2 March 2010 - Ministry Of Pies
"they are aging well... it’s a shame this set only finds its groove halfway through" - BBC


Release: 8 March 2010 - Mute
"sparse, epic, eclectic, shape shifting, and somewhat optimistic, Sisterworld is accessible and bizarre" - The Decibel Tolls

Broken Bells
Broken Bells

Release: 8 March 2010 - Columbia
"Clocking in at around 30 minutes, it's a breezy and yet remarkably tight album. Is it going to make your head explode? No, this isn't that kind of thing. But Broken Bells is one of the most enjoyable albums we've spun this year" - IGN

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Beat The Devil's Tattoo

Release: 9 March 2010 - V2 Coop
"comfortably in their position just under the radar, maintaining their artistic credibility yet still delivering the goods" - Live4Ever

Frightened Rabbit
The Winter Of Mixed Drinks

Release: 9 March 2010 - Fat Cat
"he Rabbit are a band overdue a breakthrough, and fans of everyone from Arcade Fire to the similarly revamped Maccabees will find much to love here" - Guardian

The Morning Benders
Big Echo

Release: 9 March 2010 - Rough Trade Us
"a remarkable job of creating a satisfying full-length that marvels with cohesive songs and production" - Obscure Sound

Plastic Beach

Release: 9 March 2010 - EMI
"for anyone frustrated that Blur never quite managed their White Album, look no further" - BBC

jj n3

Release: 9 March 2010 - Secretly Canadian

Head First

Release: 23 March 2010 - Mute


Release: 23 March 2010 - Warp
"one of their most compelling records to date" - The Milk Factory

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