Album releases: February 2010

What to watch out for (or avoid!) in February...

The Album Leaf
A Chorus of Storytellers

Release: 1 February 2010 - Sub Pop"
if you're into that sort of thing, Chorus is a fine entry into their already fine catalog" - Pitchfork

The Courage Of Others

Release: 1 February 2010 - Bella Union"
[this] monumental third [album] is a little hippy, a lot heavy" - NME

Hot Chip
One Life Stand

Release: 1 February 2010 - Parlophone"
[this album] is the one in which they grow up for real... Marvellously, this is still music to dance to" - Guardian

Massive Attack

Release: 8 February 2010 - Virgin
"the music seems more organic, warmer, more grounded: it's devoid of the remote, mechanistic sheen of 100th Window" - Guardian

Odd Blood

Release: 8 February 2010 - Virgin
"pop music with an IQ but, crucially, never too clever for its own good" - The Fly

Come Down With Me

Release: 28 February 2010 - Rock Action
"expertly realized fusion of organic and electronic instruments" - Clash Music
And I can't help but take this opportunity to put my favourite track from their debut EP here as a taster... awesome

Also out this month: One of our favourite old skool DJs Jaga Jazzist with One Armed Bandit; The Streets release Computers And Blues; and Adam Green of the Moldy Peaches with his sixth solo album Minor Love... February looks like a good month.

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