#Blogovision [No.03] Anna B Savage - in|FLUX

The One That Destroyed Me

Άκου Αυτό:

What am I meant to do
With how much I loved you?
It's everywhere, it's under my nails
It's in my hair
Stop haunting me, please

Do you know,
I've dreamt of him every night
We're always in some fight.
Last night, I dreamt we were one.
We had sex - I didn't cum.
I want to be alone,
I'm happy on my own,
Believe me.

You're in my dreams
An awful lot at the moment
And if I know what that means
It means this dance is over for us
One way or another
Is this just a friend thing
Or is it some kind of ending?

Just call me Pavlov's Dog
I'm here, I'm waiting, I'm salivating

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