#Blogovision [No.01] Grian Chatten - Chaos For The Fly

The One That Stole My Heart


Άκου Αυτό:

When I make my move to you, you will know
See, I am that wave that breaks below
I will give you thrills and take your pain
I will lay you down
Like a shadow, like a stain
You know the score
It ain't limited to your knowing looks and touches anymore

But you went and fell in love
And into you love fell
And it made you feel unwell
Oh well

You think I'm about ya
Well, I'm not
The center of my world
Is a hotspot
You think that you know me
You're below me
And you don't

Way down, nothing is the same
Love is all around us, there's no one to name
I know both sides of the cane
She is all things to me, the hopeful and the sane
Seeking only answers
Seeking only answers
Hearing only lies

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