#Blogovision [No.02] Beyoncé - RENAISSANCE


Είναι κάποιοι φίλοι που δυσκολεύονται να καταλάβουν πως ο πανηδονισμός δεν είναι θέμα lifestyle αλλά state of mind.

Άκου Αυτό:

I got pearls beneath my legs (U-N-I-Q-U-E)
My lips, my hands, my hips
I got diamonds beneath my thighs
Where his ego will find bliss
Can't find an ocean deep (U-N-I-Q-U-E)
That can compete with this cinnamon kiss
Fire beneath your feet, music when you speak
You're so unique

That's what you are
Lingerie reflecting off the mirror on the bar
Category, sexy bitch
I'm the bar
Alien superstar (unique)

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