Album releases: September 2010

What to watch out for (or avoid!) in September...


Release: 7 September 2010 - Matador
"When artists self-title albums, it's often a statement of purpose or of redefinition, but that's not the case here." - Spin

Blonde Redhead
Penny Sparkle

Release: 7 September 2010 - 4AD
"Songs on the record drift beautifully from one to the next like an over-exposed photographic dream of shifting ideas . " - Cheese on Toast

Of Montreal
False Priest
Release: 7 September 2010 - Polyvinyl
"Of course, the biggest angle folks are taking on False Priest is the participation of Janelle Monáe." - Stereogum

The Charlatans
Who We Touch

Release: 7 September 2010 - Cooking Vinyl
" Who We Touch reeks of melancholy, but like the cape Burgess is seen wearing in the Love is Ending video, it just doesn’t fit" - The Skinny

The Drums
The Drums

Release: 7 September 2010 - Island
"After years of landfill indie's dispiriting predictability, the Drums' pallid mithering is certainly different, but it feels like a pose, and a limited one at that" - The Guardian

The Vaselines
Sex With An X

Release: 7 September 2010 - Sub Pop
"Everything from punk to rockabilly, from jingle jangle moments to wired road-movie country… this is one of the best releases of the year." - Hecklerspray

The Walkmen

Release: 14 September 2010 - Fat Possom
"Lisbon is the sound of band going through the motions. After a few listens you'll have wished they hadn't even bothered." - Snob Music

Brandon Flowers

Release: 7 September 2010 - Universal
"even in its quietest moments, it's an insidiously believable, soul-stirring event that never goes soft" - Music Radar


Release: 7 September 2010 - Epitaph Records
"Fans of cover-boy Jorge Garcia from LOST can feel free to search for clues and unravel the mystery..." - Kik axe music

The Answer

Release: 28 September 2010 - Relapse
"The constantly shape shifting musical entity known as UNKLE's continues its prolific streak by bringing another special guest-filled effort to life" - Prefixmag

Also out this month: James - The Morning After The Night Before, Flying Lotus - Pattern+Grid World, Manic Street Preachers - Postcards From A Young Man, Bad Religion - The Dissent Of Man, Jimmy Eat World - Invented, Pete Yorn - Pete Yorn, Neil Young - Le Noise and more

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